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Local Programs

Local Programs

In addition to our global projects, we also have several programs within our local community that we use to provide mentoring opportunities, life-skills classes, workshops, and community service projects.

Academic Enrichment & Support: 

Our programs are designed to blend students’ education with real world experiences and provide a forum for them to address prevalent social issues. Our Soaring Eagles program addresses alcohol, tobacco, other drug usage and making right choices. This program is for youth ages 10 – 12 and 13 and up focuses on improving social, team building and relationships skills and building character and values as well as service projects. This program strives to build self-esteem in young men and women through promoting healthy hygiene and relationship skills with counseling and guidance.

Empowerment Workshops:

We provide family-oriented seminars and workshops that address many of the issues that families encounter such as financial strain, divorce or separation, parenting challenges, troubled children, anxiety, depression, drug or alcohol abuse, and eating disorders, to name a few. These seminars give hope to families who are struggling and also serve as a catalyst for families, in general, to strengthen the family bond: spouse to spouse, and parent to child. Professionals in the various fields of interest facilitate the seminars, and if an individual or family has a special need that we cannot meet, they are referred to a local organization that is trained in providing services for that specific need. The seminars are intended to generate positive thinking among individuals and families and to motivate our community to strengthen the family bond.

Life-Skills Instruction:

A weekly open forum for teens and young adults, designed to give them an opportunity to discuss issues relevant to them. This program serves as a place where youth can express their fears, concerns, doubts, struggles, hopes, and dreams; while being taught principles and important life lessons in a way that is practical and relevant to them.

Community Connections:

Our “Stay Connected!” Back-To-School youth events provide young people with positive outlets for the purpose of motivating them to think “outside of the box” and to see themselves as important, valued citizens of their communities. These events are designed to uplift, engage, encourage, and empower youth to become leaders and live out their destiny. We utilize motivational speakers, various visual and performing artists, spoken word, and live bands, to communicate a message of hope that is meaningful and relevant to today’s youth.

Mission of Hope:

We also believe it is our mission to bring hope and healing to those that need it the most. To that end, we visit the needy in shelters and hospitals and partner with local food banks to provide food items to persons in need. In the near future, Community In Unity, Inc. will be a regular visitor of the Youth Detention Center, where we will be able to motivate the young people there to look beyond their present circumstances and understand that they can still live a successful life and contribute something worthwhile to their community.

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