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Community In Unity, Inc.

Empowering. Enriching. Encouraging.

Program Initiatives

Community Connections

Back-To-School Youth Events provide youth with positive outlets and challenges them to see themselves as important, valued citizens of their communities.

“Gimme The Rock” Basketball Camp

A free weeklong basketball camp open to girls and boys ages 13-19 where life-skills, socioeconomic issues, and other related topics are discussed.

Empowerment Workshops

Life-Changing Seminars & Workshops designed to address many of the issues that families encounter.

Life-Skills Instruction

A weekly open forum for teens and young adults to discuss issues relevant to them.

Coaching & Mentoring

Personal one-on-one sessions for youth and adults designed to develop and train individuals to achieve success in all areas of their lives.

Academic Enrichment & Support

Programs that are designed to blend students’ education with real world experiences and provide a forum for them to address prevalent social issues.

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