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Global Programs

Community In Unity, Inc. Global Programs

Global Programs

We have a few large-scale projects that are designed to bring messages of empowerment, restoration, hope and healing to communities that are still recovering from the damaging effects of hurricanes and other natural disasters.

“Gimme The Rock” Basketball Camp

A free weeklong basketball camp open to girls and boys ages 13-19 designed to teach life-skills, address socioeconomic issues, and other related topics of information during a non-threatening time of growth and learning. In addition to learning the fundamentals of basketball, the game and its components will be broken down to provide the youth with a positive, successful prescription for life in general. It is our mission to invoke a soul-stirring response in the heart of every youth in attendance and to motivate them to “reach for the stars” and live out their purpose.

Partnership for Purpose

In Africa

We provide humanitarian aid to a community or school through partnering with national and community-based organizations, for the purpose of providing physical, emotional, psychological and socio-economical relief to those affected by natural disasters.

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